Taking teasv second time

  1. I missed my first time in may by 3% so decided not to wait a year and take it at another school im so nervous and should hsve prepared myself way in advance in may but had 3wks to study... My only convern if I fail this one should I wait til next year and try again or go for my cna in the mean time any suggestions please.I dont want to give up...
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  3. by   Katherine92
    My advice would be to keep taking it until you get the score you need! dont let your test taking skills hold you back. And CNA is probably not a good idea. they arent desirable and you might regret your choice. dont stress or overthink taking your teas. i didnt study for mine and tried not to stress.
  4. by   JBISHUN21
    Thank you for the advice I wanna try my hardest and not give up... Worse case I think ill take next year I wasn't sure cause I thought then maybe start from bottom work my way up.. Thanks again
  5. by   ananursing12
    I took the Teas test the first time and failed it with an score of 31%, I went over all the topics in the Teas Test study manual from Ati, I retook the test seven days later and got a score of 85.3%, I recommend u to study from that book and good luck.
  6. by   Jmoore1975
    I took my test in June and missed it by 2%. I used the McGraw Hill study guide. I have recently purchased the ATI study guide and should get it tonight. I did horrible on the Science. The questions on the test were nothing like the questions in the study guide. I'm going to take the test next month and hopefully get in the January 2013 class.
  7. by   Nurse2b7337
    I'm a second timer here too! I ran out of time in the Math section. I am retaking my Teas exam in October.
  8. by   Candi7882
    I took mine in the 22 and didn't pass and I'm planning on taking it again also! What are u using to study??
  9. by   Nurse2b7337
    I have the ATI manual and an app on my phone called Teas. I also found a book on Amazon I have on my kindle called McGraw Hill 5 practice teas tests. I also have the Kaplan study guide. I passes the first time I just need a higher score for my school. Good luck to you!!
  10. by   Candi7882
    Nurse2b7337, I have the ati book but that's didn't help me that much so I'm using the Mc Graw hill book and the practice test for Mc Graw hill also!
  11. by   Nurse2b7337
    Candi7882 when are you taking the test??? I like both books to be honest!
  12. by   Candi7882
    I'm taking it again on the 12th!!
  13. by   Nurse2b7337
    Wishing you the best!! Are you going to purchase the two practice tests from ATI??
  14. by   Candi7882
    I only ordered one and I have the mc graw book with 5 practice test!! Good luck to you also!!!