Taking TEAS 5 test in a week an 4 days! Short notice! Need help Taking TEAS 5 test in a week an 4 days! Short notice! Need help | allnurses

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Taking TEAS 5 test in a week an 4 days! Short notice! Need help

  1. 0 Anyone know how hard it is? My weakness is math like reaaaaal bad. I need a good way to practice my math an science. Any good sites? I was giving a program called PLATO don't know if it will help don't know anything about it. I'm so worried I won't pass!!!!
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    It's not as hard as you expect. It's basic skills in math, science, English language (grammar and spelling), and reading. Since the test is through a company called ATI, I purchased their study package from their website which included a study manual textbook mailed to you with content for you to read and practice questions to try and 2 online practice tests that have the same format as the real TEAS test you'll take. Math is my weakness also and I studied very hard for 1 week and I felt the study manual was more difficult than the actual TEAS test. In fact, I scored 15% higher than the national average on my TEAS test. Good luck!!
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    I agree that you should get the ATI TEAS study manual. I similarly am terrible at math. I studied the manual for one week and got an 81 overall score on the TEAS today. My second best scored section was math. It really isn't too difficult of a test, but doing some studying with the manual will probably make a sizable improvement in your score. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me lol. I've been asking everyone there opinion on it. I found some very helpful YouTube videos on math on the actual TEAS 5 test. An I was so surprised how... Simple...it was I was like awed struck lol. But the science seems out of this world. An February 7th was there last Test for the year! So I had toooo register or I would have put it off longer an never went, so now I'm freaking out now, cause I only got like a week an a half to study my butt off! An there's so much information everyone was posting here an other sites that I should know an I don't know half of it! So freaking out lol
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    I actually just took my TEAS V today and did really well, definitely better than expected! I went through the ATI Study Manual for the exam by reading each section and completing the first practice test, then studying what I got wrong and re-studying those sections before taking the last practice test and again reviewing what I missed. I also used the McGraw-Hill study guide for general pre-nursing entrance exams (borrowed by my local library) to help supplement the material I was struggling with. The exam was pretty true to the ATI book and I would definitely recommend studying from that! I actually ranked 99th percentile overall (still elated!!) and I have not taken a math or science course in over four years. Get the ATI book, give yourself plenty of time to prepare, come up with a study plan/schedule, DON'T STRESS, and you will do great! GOOD LUCK!!
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    Wow that's great I'm glade you passed! An its kind of pointless I felt to buy the manual when I only have a week to use it an its pretty costly. To use for one test. But you gave me a great idea! I never thought about going to my library to see if they had the Mcgraws TEAS book. I'm diffidently gonna do that! Hopefully I pass cause I need this bad lol an thanks!!
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    Kayla_224, how did you do on the test?