Should I take it again?

  1. My final score for the TEAS test was 86% and apparently puts me in the 97th percentile from my program. I got 90-somethings on everything but science (everything I studied for from my ATI book was not anywhere on my exam, but anyway...). I ended up with a 70.8% in science.

    I feel like I can do better on the exam if I just focus on science this time. I was discussing the test and my score with my lab partners. They exclaimed that it was a fantastic score and I was wasting my time and money by retaking it.

    Some other necessary background: I have a 4.0 and expect to still have a 4.0 at the end of this semester going into application time. The program is accepting applicants based ONLY on the Teas score and their GPA in 6 certain classes. They go off of a point system so I would have 12.6/14. The program accepts 50 people in the fall and 50 in the spring starting Fall 2014. I won't be able to retake it until mid-January (two weeks before the applications are due).

    I think I should go into this highly competitive process with a 13 (at least 90% on the TEAS). Do you think it's worth it? Should I take it again?
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  3. by   bratty477
    If I were in your position, I would not take it again...your stats look pretty darn strong to me and my biggest concern would be,"what if I actually end up scoring lower?" It has happened to people I know and with the science section, there are no guarantees that what you've studied will actually show up on the exam. 12.6 or 13 ... the difference doesn't seem material enough to risk it but I also happen to be a very risk-averse person.
  4. by   NJaan
    Hi, nae312213. I agree with bratty477. While it may be tempting to retake your exam in hopes of getting a better score, I would hang tight out of concern for potentially scoring lower on your retake. Your stats are already very strong, and with a TEAS score in the upper 90th percentile, I am certain that your score on the exam will be looked upon very favorably during the admissions process.
  5. by   PTKChic
    Thank you guys! I really appreciate your comments.
    Honestly, I really don't have the time or energy to study all over again and take the test just shy of the application due date. It makes me stressed out thinking of it.