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    Hi is there anyone who has got a score of 90 of higher on the TEAS V? if so, let me know how long you studied and what helped you study. thanks
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    Got a 90 on the TEAS 4.0 in 2009 and then got an 83 when I took the TEAS V (Reading:88.1, Math: 93.3, Science:66.7, English and Language:90.0) this past January. I only had the study guide for the TEAS 4.0 the weekend before I took the test. My only studying for the TEAS V was the two practice tests available from ATI because I didn't order the study guide soon enough and I accidentally had it ground shipped instead of next day aired. I think I would've done better had I had time to study the science section since it's been years since I've taken a science class (did A&P and Micro in 2008.) My best advice would be to buy all of the study materials offered by ATI and take your time to understand the questions that you get wrong. When you look at your results from the practice test, it gives you a breakdown of the % of answers you got correct in each section and tells you what pages the review material is on in the study guide. The practice tests are not only great in that you know what the format of the tests will be like but some of the questions are the similar if not the same on the actual test, in addition, it will give you explanations of why the answer is the right one. I hope this helps!
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    By 90 do you mean 90points out of 150 points or 90% correct which is 135 points. 90 points would be 60%.
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    I just took the TEAS V a couple of weeks ago and received an 86.7% Total Adjusted Score and was placed in the "Advanced" category.

    I purchased the book from ATI which helped alot. But I also took the subjects in the book farther with alot of online research. The book gives you a good base but you have to go deeper.

    For Math and Science, I used Khan Academy online alot. The tutorials are GREAT!
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    I got an 80 the first time and used the ATI study guide, but only studied for one day, I took it again 30 days later and studied 3 more full days from the ATI study guide and received a 91. Having already taken AP1 and 2 really helped with the science sections! I would read over each section highlight the things I didn't already know and when I was done with the section and understood everything I would go back and write it all down in a notebook.
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    Is there anyone here who has taken the TEAS V and scored a 90 or more? If so can you tell me what materials you used to study and how long did you study?
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    Quote from MistyWinters
    By 90 do you mean 90points out of 150 points or 90% correct which is 135 points. 90 points would be 60%.
    I meant 90%
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    Hey sacnurse (is that Sacramento by chance???), I recently got 90+% on the TEAS V, and used the ATI Studyguide, along with the McGraw-Hill "5 Practice TEAS Exams". I studied for 2 weeks, and I think if you take all the practice exams in those two books (7 total), and have a good command of all the study material too, you should do fine on the exam. I also commented in the "Post your TEAS V scores here" area, and you can check that out if your want more details. Use every second of time given for the exam, and get a good night's sleep beforehand. Ideally, I'd recommend two months of study, but I didn't have that as all later test dates were filled up. Prepare well and you should do fine...good luck!
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    Hey, soyboy is the exam the same concept as the guide book as in the practice test is it set up the same way as the exam???
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    I have both books as well, but for some reason I have anxiety just when I open the book. It's so much to take in, I just hope that we all who is pursuing the journey does well. Great score Soyboy!

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