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Hi is there anyone who has got a score of 90 of higher on the TEAS V? if so, let me know how long you studied and what helped you study. thanks :)... Read More

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    Yes, my TEAS V was computer-based, and I feel it followed the practice test format pretty closely. It was a little different for me than what I'm used to (paper tests), but if you are comfortable with a computer you should have no problem. One thing you should be careful of is to make sure you answer all the questions in each section before the time runs out (harder to do on computer-based tests vs. paper-based). When you look at the timer and see 0:58 it's easy to panic, and if you haven't been diligent about answering every question you risk losing points you don't have to lose.
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    Thanks Julliansmom2011, your anxiety will lessen each time you crack the study guide and get some studying in. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it, it's amazing how much progress you can make in a few weeks or months if you dedicate even an hour or two a day to it. Remember how to eat an elephant: One bite at a time. Good luck!
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    I am going to a tutor to help me in the math, but the study book/exams are good.
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    I scored a 90+, and most definitely recommend the ATI TEAS study book and the McGraw-Hill 5 Teas Practice Tests. I studied a while longer, about a month and a half - I hadn't completed all of my pre-reqs at the time I tested. I took written notes from the ATI book, and that seemed to help a lot.
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    @ shannonberry is the practice test in the teas guide the same way the exam is set-up? And is everything thats in the teas guide on the exam???
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    Soyboy: Did you take all of your science prereqs. before taking the exam?
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    xInspiredx, Yes, I did finish all my science prereqs. Everything except Micro (which I took last semester) was taken 20+ years ago. Good thing bio, chem, and physio haven't changed much...
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    I highly recommend the ATI study guide, but more importantly--the 2 online practice tests that can be purchased along with the study guide. I found that the online practice exams were very helpful, as they were in the same format as the real exam (timed and all), and upon answering a question it would explain why it was the correct/incorrect answer. I started studying about a week before the exam, which I took in July. I would have started earlier, but I was in the middle of finishing my last prereq (A&P) and was bogged down with that class.

    I do not have any experience with the McGraw Hill 5 practice exam book, but have heard from peers that it was helpful.
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    Hi, is there anyone here who scored a 90 or more on the teas v? if so, how long did you study and what material did you use?
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    anyone ????

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