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  1. Hello, My names Lisa and I'm pretty new here. I'm scheduled to take the teas test Feb 13, how ever, I was pretty sick and hospitialized recently and wasnt able to get tutored as much as I had planned to. I have 2 more days of tutoring (for the math) the rest I'm good with, but I'm going into panic mode because i really dont think i'm going to pass the math part of this test. Does anyone know if you get a second chance if you fail the first time around? I'm a 45 yr. old single mom and havent been in school in quite some time,and have recently been layed off from my job of 10 years and I really need and want to become an lpn for now, and maybe later on advance to rn...but I have to pass this test. I was going to call the school and ask if you can test twice but was afraid I would look like an idiot...already planning on failing the test. Anyway, any advice/info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Lisa! I just took the TEAS test this past Monday (4th), and talked to other students who were taking it their second time. I'm in at Truman College in Chicago, so it might be different for every college, I'm not positive. I know that everyone's exam is different, but being in a similar predicament, I think that you will do just fine when you take it! I'm 38 and was recently very sick, which limited my study time, but I reviewed the TEAS study manual and I did so much better than I expected. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself! You can do it!!!