Preparing for Teas V (need some advice)

  1. 0 I currently have 5 classes left to finish all my prereqs for a BSN nursing program starting in summer 2013. Organic chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, Intro to critical thinking and Developmental psychology. I need to take these classes this fall and spring but I'm a mother of 3 little ones so I don't like to take too many classes together. Plus I have to prepare and take the Teas V and TOEFL test before February 1st. I would like some advice on how you think I should pair these classes. I am currently enrolled to take Chemistry and microbiology this fall. Do you think I will have time to prepare Teas V while taking these classes? or will taking them benefit my knowledge for the test. How much organic chemistry and Micro is in the Teas V exam? I already paid for the Teas test but have not scheduled a date yet. (Sorry for all the questions at once - just need a little advice pls))
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