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Hello all, I am a new member here. I decided to post about the teas, I know there are plenty of topics for me to go through; or my topic has been covered before but I don't want to go through every single page. Anywho, I am going... Read More

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    I got in!!!! omg I am so happy! Anyone that tested at the Newton campus let me know if you made it!!!!!

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    When you said that the practice test on the ATI website are harder should I still study it?
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    I would study the practice tests and the book very well.......ugh Im so glad the teas is over for me.....good luck to you!
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    I got a 94.7% (99th percentile for both national and program) and here is how:

    I used portions (though not the whole book) from Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams, Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams (Princeton Review), and McGraw Hill Practice test.

    I took 1 practice test from the McGraw Hill book to assess what I needed to study more. For example, I missed every single problem with fractions, so then I used one of my other 2 books to brush up on fractions.

    I also think it helped me that I just finished A&P over the summer and am currently taking microbio and chemistry--so all that science info was nice and fresh in my brain. I could just skim the info in my books and it would remind me of what I needed to do.

    General tips (which others on this site have already emphasized, but I will do it again):

    *Make sure you get a good night's sleep before the test. At least for me, being well-rested serves me better than last minute cramming.
    *Relax and keep your cool when taking the test. If you find you are feeling panicked or not really reading the questions, breath and slow down!
    *Take your time. You don’t get bonus points for finishing early. Make sure you read the questions carefully. The exception to this rule is if you tend to run out of time. You still need to read carefully, but don’t agonize. Pick your best answer and move on.
    *If you have time at the end, go back through your questions. You can go back through them all or perhaps jot down some as you’re taking the test that you’re not sure about. Then you can go back through and take a second look.
    *If you have time, check your math problems using the answer you chose. Just plug your answer in and see if it works!
    *If you have absolutely no idea, don’t agonize—make your best guess and move on. It’s unlikely you’re magically going to know the answer by sitting there staring at the question and you don’t want to run out of time causing you to miss questions you could have gotten right!
    *Accept that there are things you may just have to take a hit on. For me, I knew math was the portion I needed to devote the most study time to. This meant I didn’t get to review some other things, such as writing styles. Maybe I missed the 2 or 3 questions about writing styles, but I did MUCH better on the math, overall.

    Good luck to everyone! I did read where others who did well on the test posted their advice and I’d say they are spot on!
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    Haaaa I will be saying the same thing you you. Is it that bad?lol
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    CONGRATS!!!I know you are happy that is over with.Thank you for posting the good advice about the TEAS exam. That really helped me to know what to do or not to do. I have been practing with the time issue because I hate timed tets. However it is always good as you stated to work on areas you are weak in.Again thank you for your advice and tips I will use it.!!
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    The ATI study manual helps a lot! Study it everyday! But I also recommend buying a book with all exam problems in it like KAPLAN's book with like 6 practice exams. The ATI manual only has like 2 or 3 and I think the more practice questiosn you have to do the better prepared you will be, that is what I found helped me and I got a great score!
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    Some other good advice I've heard is to arrive 30 minutes early. Late arrivals are now allowed to test, and if you get there just in time, you will feel rushed and overwhelmed. You also need No. 2 pencils, your registration receipt and a valid photo ID. You cannot bring your cell or a calculator. After reading through the various posts on this subject, it looks like those who didn't just rely on one study book or website, but took advantage of many resources, did the best. Good luck to all test takers!
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    Thanks for everyones advice and tips I will keep these in mind when studying.

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