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Hello all, I am a new member here. I decided to post about the teas, I know there are plenty of topics for me to go through; or my topic has been covered before but I don't want to go through every... Read More

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    The ATI study manual helps a lot! Study it everyday! But I also recommend buying a book with all exam problems in it like KAPLAN's book with like 6 practice exams. The ATI manual only has like 2 or 3 and I think the more practice questiosn you have to do the better prepared you will be, that is what I found helped me and I got a great score!
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    Some other good advice I've heard is to arrive 30 minutes early. Late arrivals are now allowed to test, and if you get there just in time, you will feel rushed and overwhelmed. You also need No. 2 pencils, your registration receipt and a valid photo ID. You cannot bring your cell or a calculator. After reading through the various posts on this subject, it looks like those who didn't just rely on one study book or website, but took advantage of many resources, did the best. Good luck to all test takers!
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    Thanks for everyones advice and tips I will keep these in mind when studying.