Must take TEAS test ASAP

  1. Hello Everyone
    I have completed all my pre reqs for the local nursing program only to find out I now must take the TEAS test! The deadline to apply to the program is July 1, 2012 and I haven't taken the TEAS test yet! I MUST do very well the 1st time or I will miss the deadline
    Does anyone have any advice? I also have had Algebra in over 5 years and don't feel like I remember much chemistry either. Please HELP!! I've purchased the McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests book. Has anyone else used this book? Will it be helpful?
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  3. by   I♥Scrubs
    I used the book and found it pretty helpful. My scores on the practice exams reflected my actual score on the test. However for the reading on my particular test there were not as many questions that had labels and charts, they were more reading excerpts and picking out important information from the text. Otherwise it explains them clearly and really lets you know what you should study. I also used and typed in different topics like mitosis and meiosis, and body systems and their functions. I then used those flashcards to quiz myself. Good luck!
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    Thank you!!
  5. by   Elisa2012
    I purchased every book possible and I still just could not understand the earth and life science section. I hired a tutor and it made all the difference in the world. Don't know if you have it in your budget but I worked with a tutor online for just a week and it made all the difference in the world. I made a 68% the first time I took the test, after the tutor I made a 75% and I start nursing school this fall
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    That's great!! Not sure I have the time for a tutor though I have to take the test this month. I just pray I do well!
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    I just took the test and i did POORLY in the math and science sections!! Any advice? Please HELP
  8. by   MySonIsAdorable
    Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that I wish I knew more about the TEAS so I could help