Low ACT means low TEAS

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    I am a 'retired' nurse. A friend of my son's wants to go to nursing school. However, her ACT score was a 13-after 2 tries. I don't know how her GPA would be because she is home-schooled. What are her chances of passing the TEA? Nusring school and state boards?

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    A low ACT does not equal a low TEAS score. They are formatted differently and they cover slightly different content. I score a 22 on the ACT and a 70.7 on the TEAS V. 22 / 36 = 61%, so I actually did better on the TEAS. I will say that a 13 is about 5 points below the national average. An 18 on the ACT is 50%. She will need to do some remediation courses in math and English in order to score well on the TEAS V. The math is a lot easier on the TEAS. I thought the Verbal skill portions were about the same only the TEAS requires you to pick information our of charts/graphs where the ACT is just reading. The TEAS science section is 10 fold harder, but they ask the kind of questions that your either do or don't know (for the most part.) Another thing is that I didn't feel rushed for time when I took the TEAS V.
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    I'm not sure, but she'll probably have to pull her ACT score up to apply to most nursing schools. I live in Mississippi and schools here require an 18 on the ACT to be considered, or a 17 with other requirements. Maybe she can get a tutor and try again; I'm sure being home-schooled makes a big difference. Hope this helps

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