Just Took The dreaded TEAS test

  1. Okay so I took the teas test Saturday morning...gosh it was a long test...by the time we got to the English grammar part i just wanted to get out of there.... im still waiting on my results...... i took version 5 the paper version......does anyone know how long it takes for the results to show on your ati account?...also when they post the score do you get an e-mail notification right away?....
    i thought i was ready since i bought the manual about 8 weeks ago and started to go through it right away made flash cards note cards, and started memorizing concepts and revisiting old ones i had learned.... i even took the last 2 practice tests at the end of the book and missed only 1 or 2 questions from each section.......thats kind of signaled me into thinking i was ready to take the test.........not at all the case...
    I am a math person so i wasn't too worried about the math part but i revisited all the concepts anyways......i thought the actual teas was much easier than the ati manual..i had like 15 minutes of extra time..... too bad they dont let you go back sections.....but that's about the only thing that was easier..
    i thought the science was completely written by a different company all together..... even though i had practiced and went over all the concepts mentioned in the ati book ..........even as far as expanding more upon the concepts it had mentioned...for example the mitosis and meiosis steps, differences,.....human anatomy... lots of chemistry( i was a chemistry major so i have taken chemistry beyond pre reqs for nursing)..... i felt l was not prepared........
    the science part was definitely not at all like the manual....i am actually kind of mad now at ati..,.for kind of attempting to fool me.....1)into thinking i had to know things that i wouldn't even have one question of like lots of human anatomy.......and 2) for not providing a clear list and topics and concepts necessary for preparing for the TEAS.....3) for having so many mistakes in the books i had to contact them and they said there was 3 page correction up on the ati website for the book
    seriously who writes this test??or should i say the manual? or are they separate entities?do they know each other or at least keep in contact??.......are they just doing that so that you take a second time test meaning more MONEY for them...................................
    okay enough of me complaining....
    i need some advice from those of you who got 90% and above on the test...what is your secret? how did you study for the test?? the program im trying to get into is extremely competitive and i need to score above 90% to even be considered!!!! so please share your study secrets..........
    thanks in advance
    ps (although i don't have my test score yet i know its not that hot since i glanced over the science section and could barely answer the first 5 questions i panicked and probably did worse than i would normally i will let you guys know how i did once it posts)
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  3. by   erica1223
    Omg this makes me so nervous!!! I haven't taken the test yet but I have three books and they all seem very similar.I hope you've done well.

    Do you remember what kinds of questions was on the science we should study?
  4. by   jennabean55
    I am sure will do fine! I was super nervous as well and I am not a very good test taker (bad test anxiety!). I actually placed in the 90th percentile so it really lifted my spirits and confidence!

    Good luck!
  5. by   erica1223
    Wow that's great,I'm just not sure what to study on the ati book
  6. by   Rookie0
    Good luck. Computer exams gives the results immediately. I wish my college provides computer based tests.
  7. by   zzkatz
    I took the computer based test, it was hard. I studied using the ATI book and I thought it helped alot! I recommend spending as much time as you can going through each section and taking the practice exams. I passed my first time taking it. Even if you think you are strong in one subject or another, still review it. Good luck!
  8. by   AddisonLawrence03
    I took the paper version and I did not have a lot of chemistry on it. I had more Life Science and Human Anatomy questions. I have a feeling that the computer based version is harder than the paper version
  9. by   SnMrsSmiley
    i found it very easy. im not bragging though, it just seemed like an easier simplified version of an SAT
  10. by   Jennifer70
    I took version 3 couple years ago ( it was paper and was taking it just to see what it was about) and took version 5 yesterday on the computer. Here is what I noticed: math was alot easier. No geometry this time. Just the basics with fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and some algebra. easy stuff. Reading was harder this time. Still did well, but it was much simpler last time. Nothing to concern about though. Grammar was not difficult either. Definitely review parts of speech etc. Science, not gonna lie was over the fricking top. I passed everything needed but it was harder than last time. Somehow I scored better this time though. Tons and Tons of Chemistry. AP type of questions were not a general idea, stuff I really had to pick my brain because it was small details that were in physiology that I had forgotten. Or so I thought. Good luck!
  11. by   Cupcake89121
    If you guys think the TEAS was difficult then you are going to be really stumped when you sit down in front of your first Nursing Fundamentals exam.
  12. by   AddisonLawrence03
    for those who had a lot of chemistry on their exam, why kind of questions were on there? The ATI book doesn't cover much chemistry
  13. by   MissM.RN
    Agree with previous posters - if this test was difficult for you, then you might want to reconsider nursing altogether. Exams in nursing school will be the hardest you have ever taken - no joke. And you have to get at least a 78%, anything less is failure. There will be chemistry, pharmacology, and pathophysiology used on a daily basis. Don't buy the lousy TEAS book - it's probably in your school's library. I did not study for TEAS at all, was the first to finish, and got in the 85th percentile. You will all be fine - don't worry.
  14. by   kgh31386
    I've asked it many times before...how did this TEAS test explode into some big thing? When I took it a few years ago we had no idea we even had to take it the first week of school. They told us it was some review thing or whatever...it was simple 7th and 8th grade math, english, and science. No need to have all these study guides and be nervous, come on now.