Just took TEAS V on Friday----Need advice!! Just took TEAS V on Friday----Need advice!! - pg.2 | allnurses

Just took TEAS V on Friday----Need advice!! - page 2

Hi everyone--- I just took the TEAS V exam and I barely passed with an Adjusted Indiviual Total Score of a 62.5%. The college (City College of Chicago) I am applying to requires thier students to... Read More

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    I would first find out how your school ranks students before you take it again. My school just requires a passing score on the Teas. It doesn't matter if you scored high or low because their list is based off GPAs.
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    A problem a friend and I both have encountered is our GPA. We both had attempted several years back and the timing was just not right. Since returning to school we have both gotten either an A or B in all our classes BUT our cumulative GPA is drastically lower now because of our previous attempts where we had ended up failing the classes because we either did not withdraw or drop. I never knew that those attempts would follow when I decided to actually try my hardest. So now without getting a straight A in all the classes it seems we don't have any luck staying in a nursing program.
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    Quote from Vernitagreen1
    I am studying for the Teas test as of right now, just wondering if the test covers chemistry as well? I havent taken chem yet. Any advice would be much appreciated!
    I just took the TEAS test the second time and it seems to have at least one equation to balance (my question asked for the number of moles of acid needed to neutralize a base and, in order to find out that, I had to balance the equation, but that was easy), and a question about atomic number -- atomic mass. Other than that, I agree that you don't need to worry about chemistry.

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