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Joliet Junior College Teas Scores

  1. 0 I took the TEAS test yesterday and scored an 87 comp and 95 reading. I have a 4.0 GPA for 5/6 classes. I am taking Bio 251 right now. Anyone know what the average scores were for the students that were accepted last semester? Can you get in without having all of the 6 classes finished?

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    How hard did you think the teas was...did you study for it?
    Avg score for last year I think was somewhere in the 80 range...I want to say 83-84%
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    I bought the study guide from ATI about 3 months ago and studied a little at a time. The Nursing 100 class helped a lot for the math portion. I took the on-line practice test and that was really close to the actual test.
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    I take mine thursday...Im super nervous!! Congrats on your score!
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    I'm in the same boat - I took the TEAS and got a 91.8% composite and 100% on the reading. I have A's in all the course I took except 1 (I took it as a pass/fail course at a different college and JJC considers it a C). I'm currently in BIO 251 and BIO 240, then I'm completely done with the prereqs. I'm dying to find out if they'll accept me or not! I heard we don't find out until the end of the month though. Ugh! I asked my nursing adviser if any of these things will hurt me. She said that I should do fine (but she didn't indicate if I was looking like a yeah or neah). I was told though that you need to be as close to, if not beat, the 90% range on the TEAS too. But based on the scores I've been hearing, I bet the average will be in the 80's. The score range I've heard from other classmates has been 70% - 87% with most in the late-70's to mid-80's. Good luck!!!
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    can anyone give me some suggestions for studying for English 101
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    can anyone give general information on what to study for the teas v?
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    Thread moved to TEAS Exam Help forum.

    You might get some helpful study tips from reading other threads in this forum.