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I have a question,is the TEAS test one big test..For example say I take the TEAS V at one school and go take it(TEAS V) at a different school, will both schools have the same test questions..Will it... Read More

  1. by   redpj1
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    Hi ladies. I'm taking the teas test over too. My test version was 4. I got a overall score of a 64.7. I did really terrible in the science (55) and math(51). In the math section I ran out of time. I'm taking it over April 1 at Technical College of the Low Country in South Carolina. I also have the same question. Will they give the same test.
  2. by   ksm84
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    I took it twice and it was a different test; different questions altogether.
  3. by   redpj1
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    Did u take version 4 or 5?
  4. by   ksm84
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    Version 5.
  5. by   redpj1
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    My school isn't switching to version 5 until after April 1. I've been studying really hard so I hope I do better.
  6. by   redpj1
    #18 0
    What kind of science questions did you have?
  7. by   roso614
    #19 0
    human body science, life science, earth and physical science, and scientific reasoning
  8. by   redpj1
    #20 0
    Okay thanks. I hope I pass this time around.
  9. by   cocopie1
    #21 0
    Hey guys its me again.. I retook my TEAS V at a different school today and I am confirming that the TEAS test is different with each school! I saw none of the questions I saw on the one i took at the previous school on this one i took today!
  10. by   redpj1
    #22 0
    Hello everyone. I took the TEAS EXAM today and got a 78( version 4). Also nine times out of ten you are going to get the same test if you have to take it over at the same school.
  11. by   k78frem
    #23 0
    if you take the teas test twice at the same school within a month time span, will you get the same test?

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