If at first you don't suceed...ITS OK!! :)

  1. If you are thinking to yourself, is it just me? why have I taken this test multiple times an STILL my results aren't showing? After grueling hours of studying and practice tests I still made a low score? To those of you asking yourself these type of questions, I was you!! and my advice is don't lose hope an don't give up!!
    A lot of ppl don't get the score they had hoped for or "wanted" after testing many times. I am a sucky test taker myself and this TEAS was my biggest challenge. I built up this invisible wall of anxiety and started over thinking to the point I was beating myself up and my score showed it.
    My advice to those experiencing this problem is to go to the ATI website print out the focused review an stop over thinking an view the concept for what it is.. This test is ultimately a measure to see how we'll you test under pressure. Alot of concepts we know just brush up on the few forgotten or missed an you will be fine! Good luck!
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  3. by   Aongroup1990
    I was wondering is it the best idea to buy the practice tests or not because I do test well under pressure and I have learned to while actually being really prepared and people should see it as a fun thing and as they enjoy it they will combat the test. That is how I learned to succeed on this Teas and preparing for it.
  4. by   Onco_NT
    Well for me it was best because I overthink an second guess myself alot.. So the practice test helped build my confidence an stop that but you might not have to, I just think you'll score that much higher after taking a practice test because its very close to the real deal and will further prepare you.. You should be fine either way tho.. Good luck!