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Hey everyone! I know that there is a lot on this site about preparing for the TEAS. I want to hear from the people that have recently been accepted to the nursing program. I took my TEAS today, and... Read More

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    I just found out yesterday that I got in! Im bewildred, excited and scared all at the same time! I just want to get in and get it done. Best of luck to all nursing students everywhere!

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    Your GPA of 3.639, is this your cumulative undergrad GPA or the GPA from your pre-requisites?

    Quote from CarolesChoice
    Just yesterday, I was accepted into TWU's nursing program. (Thank the Lord!) To my knowledge there was roughly 900 applicants for a total of 235 spots. Three programs shared the 235 applicants.

    My TEAS V score was 68 (64 was the minimum to qualify) and my GPA was 3.639.

    In disclosing this information, I am hoping to encourage those who work hard, not to give up, even when you feel like you don't have a prayer. Look at me...I just barely qualified on my TEAS V, but still, I qualified and was somehow selected out of the 900 applicants to attend the program.

    Be sure you apply for your Associate in Arts Degree once your basics are done, and have it BEFORE you are scheduled to start nursing school. If you don't prove to be "core complete" (by literally having your Associate in Arts Degree), the nursing school can require you to take additional classes. Believe me, it almost happened to me.

    Keep the faith...and good luck!
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    Gpa 3.3 my score was 70.7. I bombed science! But my English and reading saved my butt! My school becker college required a proficient score so I made it in!
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    Congratulations! Whenever did you find out you were accepted and how were you notified?
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    Just like Hibbzem, my math and science skills were lacking when I took TEAS. I had never had chemistry, had completed Anatomy and Physiology I, and had just started A&P II when I was invited to take TEAS. I passed and was accepted in the program. Let your strengths guide you, absolutely. I had to study very hard to get an 'A' in Anatomy and Physiology II (I had a 'B' in the first A&P), but I did it. One word of advice, work on those math and science skills if they are not your forte. Don't give up, listen to the instructors and follow their directions carefully. Study whenever possible. Learn and try to enjoy despite the inevitable stress.
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    Yup, I basically guessed through a lot of it. But if you excel at one topic, I mean really ace it, it can make up for the other topics you may have not done well on.

    Here's the story of how I found out I was accepted:
    I submitted my app in February. Everything was complete with the exception of having a TEAS score submitted. The application deadline was listed as march 1 on the website, so I initially signed up to take it Feb 22. Well, the admissions counselor that I had been talking to encouraged me to wait until I felt I was prepared to take the test. I rescheduled for March 7th. I arrived and I was literally THE ONLY STUDENT in t he room taking the test. yikes. I felt like I had missed the boat or something lol. But, alas I was able to concentrate on the test because there were no distractions. I whizzed though, trying not to take too long on each section. ( I ran out of time in the math section and had to guess on the last 8 answers before time ran out!!)
    When I got my score printed, I headed straight to the admission counselor's office. She told me to come see her when I finished with my score. It felt good to pass, but I felt like I should have scored a lot higher on the test in general. She had my folder in front of her with all of my transcripts, letters of recc. etc. She pulled it out and kind of skimmed it for a moment, and then said "We'd like to offer you acceptance."

    OH MY GOD.

    I could have died! Accepted on the same day as taking the TEAS!! I guess she had everything in order and was planning on offering acceptance as soon as I took and passed the TEAS. I'm still waiting for 3 other colleges to send letters, but I'm definitely excited. I never thought it would go down that way!

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