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I feel incredibly disappointed.. I didn't pass the TEAS V.. this was my second attempt. To make things worse.. today is my birthday. I cried all afternoon.. I feel so stupid and sad. Now, I have to change my major to Computer... Read More

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    Jojo1800, have you looked into other nursing programs? I know that not all programs require the TEAs. That may be an option for you. I wouldn't want anyone to change out of the major they love just because of one standardized test.

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    I am so sorry, I feel the same way. I just read this and I know its been months ago, but I hope you can go some where else to be a nurse. I have to take the TEAS on Jan 22, 2012. It will be my first time and I have been studying for over a month and I am scared the same thing will happen to me. I am a lot older than these girls in school and it is harder for me to remember stuff. I don't think this TEAS test should decide our future but we have no choice. Wish you all the luck in the world.
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