help with TEAS V exam registration

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm currently trying to register for the TEAS V exam. I got to the purchase page on the website and it's asking to list which institution I want to send my TEAS V transcript to since ati gives you one free transcript upon registering. After that there are additional costs if one wants more transcripts to be sent out. Thing is I wouldn't want my initial score to be sent right away to the school of my choice if I choose to re-take the exam. I'm taking it early but of course I'll be giving it my best so I hopefully don't have to do the re-take. So my main question is, where would the score go if I choose to not have the free transcript? Would the schools care whether or not I sent my score out right away?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    You would have to ask the school. Some want an official result from ATI. I took it at the school, so the proctor (ATI director for school) got immediate results just like I did.
  4. by   Vincent_
    Thanks @Don1984 , the school im interested in takes the higher of the two scores. I've read their application and it does not note anything about having the result sent right away. To be sure I'll probably give them a call sometime this week.