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Help Teas-V Test - page 2

Did anyone take the Teas-V test for Bishop State Community College in Mobile Al., and if so was it hard or fairly easy. I plane on taking it the 29 of September. :uhoh3: Thank U... Read More

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    Quote from NikkiMac
    I took the TEAS-V twice, the first time I made a 73% and the second time I made a 63% and it was the SAME test LOL! What's funny is the first time I rushed through it in an hour and the second time I took my time and finished in 2 and a 1/2 hours but scored 10 points less "/ The study guide IS a great tool and the practice tests are identical to the questions on the test. Not everyone gets the same test, there are several versions. The good part is, I got accepted into Nursing school for January 2012 (thank God!) I didn't think I had enough points to get in (161) but I ended up getting in. Good Luck!
    Isnt that weird....I got the same test too! I took it twice. I thought how weird except I did MUCH better on my second one. I almost thought to myself is this a joke. How the heck did I end up with the same test as the first time haha