Help on what to study for TEAS V

  1. Hey i'm going to be taking the TEAS V on June 4th and have been studying very hard but it doesn't seem to be helping. I got the Secret to the TEAS V exam and also the TEAS V comprehensive study guide and studied for weeks. Which was frustrating because then I did one of the practice exams on the ATI website and I tanked the science with a 33%. I just got the ATI TEAS V book in the mail. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what things to really focus on and get in my head for the science portion. I'm all set on the math, English and reading but if you have any tips i'd be really appreciative! I need to pass this! PLEASE HELP!!
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  3. by   Darkstar1485
    Study Chem (balancing equations, valence electrons) Biology (Biological classification) i had those types of questions on my exam.
  4. by   ShannonBerry11
    I've found and all of their other websites (earth science!) to be really helpful for brushing up on some knowledge. I didn't take chem in high school, so that part was a little more difficult.
    There were definitely more questions on things like earth science and microbiology on my exam too, so be sure to go over those things.
  5. by   norm758
    I went through the entire ATI test book, did all the practice problems, and took both practice tests. I also took the two practice tests on the ATI website twice. A few of the questions on those online tests showed up on the real thing. Whatever section I did poorly on I studied extra, and found practice problems to do online. Ask for help from anyone willing to show you how to do something you don't fully understand. I took the test on May 8th and passed with an 82%. Good luck! Keep studying, don't give up!
  6. by   PatchyPu
    I took the TEAS less than 24 hrs ago and let me tell you it is tedious! It is a lot of test questions and they are timed so studying before hand will eliminate the stress of trying to figure things out while taking the exam. the ATI testing book is dead on the same types of questions in regards to Reading (knowing what types of passages you are preading, expository, narrative, informative, etc) and English and Language use (know synonyms, and proper punctuation and tense uses), so study the ATI book for sure on those subjects. The math, in my opinion, was super easy because I have math anxiety issues and I passed the math section with an 86.7% Simple algebra, know orders of operations and parameters and simple algebraic operations and you will be fine. The science, like EVERYONE says is a bit frazzled. There will be some easy A&P and well as physio questions which are pretty straight forward but then you will get atomic, chemical reaction, chemical balancing and laws of physics questions as well. STUDY those. Know the basic titles of reactions, laws of physics and how to balance chemical reactions and also know the structre of atoms! Good luck! I studied the ATI only, and finished all of my pre-reqs a year ago and only studied for about 3 days and I got a 82% and thats with two babies and 5 classes!. Not bragging but more like easing your mind of the difficulty of the exam.
  7. by   mitch_26
    Hello everyone I wanted to know what books should I study for the TEAS exam. I dont know if the TEAS V manuel and the ati practice exam is enough. Does the McGraw-Hill 5 TEAS Practice TEsts help? Can anyone help me thank you.
  8. by   LiLev
    At the bottom of the TEAS Help heading there is a sticky "How I studied for the TEAS 5" I culled those posts and make a study guide from it and used that to study. I also bought the McGraw Hill and ATI guides but found this forum my best resouce.