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Freaking out!

  1. 0 I have the Teas exam, physio exam, and philosophy exam all in the same week. I've been trying to be calm but only have certain hours I can study since I have a daughter.

    I need some words of encouragement!! Lol I feel like I'm going to fail all of them >.<

    The school I'm applying to wants a 100% to get max points on both the reading and English section and that's what I'm the worst at!
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    Can you get a tutor to help you through.
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    I don't need a tutor, I understand the material... It's remembering all of it that's hard! I only have 3 hrs a day to study so I'm hoping the stars align tomorrow with my physio exam and everything I know is on it lol.

    I prob just psyching myself out a little bit because I'm so nervous about the TEAS.