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So I took the TEAS and studied the manual and still failed :( I feel bad but even some of the smartest people I know who also studied their butts off didn't do as well too, so now we're waiting on our school to tell us our next... Read More

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    Quote from Nursing 2014
    I do not agree that McGraw Hill is close to the actual test. It might be close in format but not in material. There were no similarities between the science portion and the actual thing. I relied soley on McGraw Hill Teas 5 and failed the test. I will take it again February 10.
    Can you tell us what was so different about the science portion? What type of subjects were on the actual test that weren't in the book? This is where feedback from everyone gets very confusing for me.
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    Dont feel bad I faild also
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    The science portion was the most difficult for a lot of peop.e
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    do not feel bad i was passed the test was told that i did failed once, and poorly on it another time. i was told by an instructor i should not continue nursing school. i passed with a b average and passed the ncelx the first time. i feel the tea test is a very poor indicator and it is was of time.
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    can some one help me i am having a hard time posting a thread i am new to the website. PLEASE HELP

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