Converting a PN Program Teas Score to a BSN Program Teas score...

  1. Help! We're confused!

    The school where my husband wants to study requires a score in the 50th percentile of the BSN program rank, or above.

    Unfortunately, my husband took the test at a community college, where they automatically had him take the PN program test (or at least, they counted his score as a PN score for percentile purposes). I know that at the university, they will be able to understand his report and eventually let him know if he passed. They don't rank scores - you either pass or you don't. But can anyone else let us know if his scores would be in the 50th percentile or above for the BSN Program Percentile Rank? He isn't allowed to take it again for six months.

    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 66.7
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Proficient
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 56%
    Percentile Rank - National: 56
    Percentile Rank - Program: 81

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  3. by   Thujone
    The TEAS V is the same test regardless of where you take it, obviously there are different questions, but they are all on the same level.
  4. by   Future Nurse's Wife
    Thanks! It does seem like the test itself is the same, although we've been hearing different things from different people. What can't possibly be the same is the Percentile Rank - Program. In that measurement he is being compared to others who took the test who are applying to a PN program (practical nurse, I assume). He is actually applying to a BSN program, and so a school that looks at your program percentile would need to convert it somehow.

    I'm hoping someone else knows what his score might be in a BSN program???
  5. by   Future Nurse's Wife
    Update: I called ATI - they said the school would know how to convert it. I called the school - they said to call ATI. I called ATI again - they said it would take 15 seconds to convert the score, but they won't do it for students, just for school personnel.


    I find it ironic that ATI boasts "no question unanswered" on their help page. They need a little asterisk *unless you're a student.

    I called the school and left more messages requesting them to call ATI. I am trying not to bug the school TOO much. I would love it if anyone could say, "Yes, my TEAS V test which I took in the last 6-8 months was just like your husband's or even lower, and was listed as Program Type PN, and I saw the BSN conversion, and my Percentile Rank - Program was 50 or above."

  6. by   lynquan
    So how did it go? Did your husband get accepted. I got the same problem with my school and I'm thinking of taking the test at the school again?
  7. by   lynquan
    So how did it go? Did you know how they converted the score. I have the same problem right now and I'm thinking of retake the test at the school that I applied for.