85.3% on TEAS....Is it decent?

  1. Greetings Everyone, I just took the TEAS for the first time and received a score of 85.3%. I am disappointed but I know that I still have two more times I can take it; this was my first. I haven't finished my chemistry classes, I have biochemistry coming up next semester so I think that will help. I took it even though I hadn't finished the chemistry because it was recommended by the director of the accelerated BSN program I'm applying for. My question is...how bad of a score is 85.3? Any suggestions will be welcome. I did use the TEAS study guide which was great. Should I buy other brands as well?
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  3. by   maddie133
    85.3 is great! I got the exact same score today. Initially seeing my score, I was also disappointed; however, I realized that this put me in the 95th percentile nationwide! The average scores are around 64% or so, so you have to look at how you compare to others and not just look at the percent itself. Before printing out my scores for me, my proctor asked me how it went. I was being modest and said it was okay, and when she saw my score she told me it was really good! She wasn't just being polite either. She sees dozens of test results daily too, so I figure she knows what is good and bad. I'd say it all depends on the program you are applying for though. See what their average test scores are. My program's is 73%, so my scores will look great compared to others! Save yourself the money and the time unless you think you can do a lot better!
    Hope this helps!
  4. by   akulahawkRN
    The school I go to has a minimum score of 67 to apply to the program. That's about the national average... if not a little higher than that. Your score is absolutely fantastic! While I'm not bragging, your score is only an itch below mine and I thought the same thing at first... along with knoing that it was at least above 67. As it turns out, most of my classmates scored lower than you did. Very few people will score as high. You shouldn't worry about having to retake the TEAS V again, unless there's some compelling reason to do so.

    I'll say it again. Your score is great! Don't worry about it. You did very, very well.
  5. by   traumanurse2b?
    85.3 isn't bad at all! I scored an 81.7% my first time and like you I was disappointed but that put me in the 92nd percentile nationally so it wasn't too bad either. good job
  6. by   cacentralvalley
    Thank you both so much!!! You won't believe how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you thank you!
  7. by   hzel
    I just scored 85.3% today, too, and while I wasn't very disappointed, I can't say that I was excited either. But then I realized that the percentile rank was 95 in the nation and 96 for the program, so then ​I got excited!