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Writing Goal Statement/Essay

  1. 0 Do any of you know of a good website or book to use to guide me in my writing of a goal statement/essay for admission into CRNA school. :wink2: I am a first time user to this site and looking forward to being online here at allnurses.com
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    I just read "Perfect Personal Statements" by Arco. It was an old edition (1995) but very informative and it catered to personal statements for graduate programs. For example, for med school, business school, law school and general masters degrees. It provided 30 actual examples of personal statements that were successful in gaining entrance for those applicants. Negative: there were no examples for CRNA applicants, but the general principles that the book talked about were applicable and helpful. It definitely helped me to write my personal statement. I would really suggest getting started early and then submitting it to several friends for their input and suggestions for changes. Keep revising until it is just what you want.

    Hope this helps.
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    For each school you are applying to locate and read their mission and philosophy statements and tie them into your essay. They want to see that you have the same goals as their program does.
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    Thanks for the advice, dscrover and trixiet. I am going to pick up one of the arco books. I believe that I am headed in the right direction. I had already printed out the mission statement of one of the school like you suggested trixiet. Thanks for the info guys.
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    Thanks for you book suggestion. Very helpful!
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    Your personal statement should let the admission committees know how badly you want to be a CRNA and that it is your DREAM. Most everyone that applies is highly qualified, so they need to know that you will be dedicated to the program and make a great CRNA. Also, make sure you use correct grammer.