Worth it to go to Canada in order to graduate 4 months faster for crna school?

  1. I am hold both American and Canadian citizenships. I got accepted to transfer into a top Canadian nursing BSN 2 year program and an American BSN 2 year program. However, the Canadian program graduates 4 months faster than the American program.

    Ideally, I would like to graduate ASAP because I have already taken physics, ochem, general chem., stats and biochem. I am worried that those pre-reqs will expire (past 5 years!) before I gain ICU experience and apply to crna school. I took them in spring 2009.

    However, it is really that beneficial to graduate faster? If I graduate nursing school in Canada, I will work in the US. However, if I go to school in Canada, then it will be that much more difficult to get into an American ICU position right out of nursing school?

    Wouldn't the four months I save by going to an Canadian school be offset/negated by my having to spend time obtaining an American RN license anyways? I know how difficult it is to get into an ICU , let alone get into an ICU from a Canadian program!!

    With the American school, there's a much better chance of getting into an ICU directly out of nursing school as they do externships with critical care units.
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  3. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Stay in the US- the four months would be eaten up in getting a US RN license!!!
  4. by   sixthwannabe
    May I ask if you have known of anybody that got their BSN in Canada and subsequently applied for an American RN license and how long the process took? According to the website, it shouldn't take more than a month and a half, but then we all know that government agencies usually are backlogged and in reality it takes much longer