Wolford College Fall September 2012 Class

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    Hello! I was just wondering if there were any nurses on here that will be attending nurse anesthesia school at Wolford College this fall? I am moving from Texas and I was wondering where everyone is living or if anyone knows anything about the area? Thanks! I look forward to meeting everyone!

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    Did you interview on april 20th by any chance? Anyway, i was gonna go there but another school gave me a spot. I haven't met anyone here yet who is attending there for sure. Congrats!
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    when did you interview myoung? I was just there may 18, still waiting to hear back. There is another thread of some ppl who received acceptance letters from the past few months too.
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    have you heard anything yet from your interview? I was also at the May 18th interview and am waiting to hear back. do you know if they send a letter either way or just acceptance?
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    I received an acceptance letter in the mail last sat. I would think they would send out a letter either way. I know she was out of town the week after our interview date so I think they were working on sending them out last week.
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    thanks! still keeping my fingers crossed haha congrats on getting in though!
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    I'll be attending there. Also have a friend that will be attending. I currently live in Naples already. Moved down here a few months ago because my fiancÚ began working down here at the local hospital. We live in Bermuda Islands and my friend is also looking to live here. It's really nice. There are also several current Wolford students who live here as well. It's minutes from school and the beach Take a look at it on the internet.
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    Anyone looking for a roomate?
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    Hey myoung193,

    I am attending in the Fall and just moved from Texas as well. Have you moved down to Naples yet? If you haven't I'd be happy to give ya some pointers... or at least what I found out about living here. Traffic can be terrible if your in the wrong area of town trying to commute to class... Where are you moving from in Texas? My wife and I just moved from Midland. It was a welcome change.

    2 weeks out!
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    Please email me. I am. Thanks.

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