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I know that this has been asked before in different ways, but bear with me, please. And I apologize in advance for the frustration that will probably come across. Nothing personal :) I would... Read More

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    I just thought I'd follow-up. I did transfer to an ICU and am at the 8 month mark. It's a rural ICU (really a combination of ICU and PCU) and probably not the experience that Anesthesia schools want. Haven't had a Swan and don't think I will, a handful of art lines, but I have had some really awful DKA/Sepsis, Mixed pH disorders, several crash intubations, several pressors and other things. Several, unpreventable deaths. I'm now in-charge on days and several of the staff and management wanted me to take the Manager position when it came up a couple months ago, but that's not for me. I've definitely grown as a bedside RN (we're all RN's, can't we think of something to call me other than "bedside," LOL), but I knew that would happen.

    I've also been presented with a new career path that I had no concept of before: ACNP. I didn't know what they did, but I do now. Don't know if I'll be able to work that out either, but at least I have what I think is a very strong resume with ICU, Open Heart Surgery, and Cath Lab.

    So in short, I probably will never join the CRNA ranks, but I have a lot of company there. I did want to thank everyone who responded to this post for reading and responding. It's frustrating to know that you are capable of something, want to do it, but not be able to get things in line to make it happen. Sorry if I offended anyone. Thanks again.

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    Things happen the way they are supposed happen for a reason and we may never know the reason why. Best wishes to you in your future path wherever it may take you!
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    Sounds like you have a great résumé for CRNA school. If it's something you want, go for it. You don't necessarily need a swan, just understand the principles. There are wonderful online resources like pacep and Edward sciences that offer free education on them.
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    Yeah, well I may submit an application to one just for S and G, but I'm not hopeful. All the other things I've read make it sound like you have to already know everything and that the school just confers the degree on you when you're done. I know that's not true, but it certainly seems that way. And now several schools want CCRN, as well, and this whole DNP business is enough to make a guy wonder what is going on. Thanks for the positive comments. Good luck to you in the rest of your program!
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    wanted to say good luck! and the dnp or other phd thing is coming to all advanced practice roles it seems, not exclusive to crna.

    do what feels like the best for you, that will interest you, and have that job satisfaction!

    good luck

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