What PDA are you guys using in school?

  1. I know a lot of you are required to have certain PDAs. What are you having to purchase?
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  3. by   SigmaSRNA
    Sprint has a new windows pc pda phone that I love. You don't have to carry a phone and a pda on you which is pretty helpful. memory for it isn't expensive either
  4. by   blee1
    is windows or palm based OS used more often. just curious cus im partial to windows.
  5. by   Pete495
    Dell Axim X51. It's good for Bubble Breaker at this point.
  6. by   lonestargas
    Treo 650 or 700 are good phones and PDA's. Most of our medical residents and Docs carry them also.
  7. by   jenniek
    has anyone had problems with the Treo? I would like to get a PDA before school starts and my cell phone company offers it. Just wish the price would come down a little more....