What is an SRNA?

  1. Ok everyone, forgive me, but for as much research as I've done on programs and as much as I've been reading these forums since I joined a few days ago, I realized (and only found any information relating to the Saskathchewan registered nurses association when I try to look it up online) that it might, as I've been thinking, mean STUDENTRNA...??

    Someone made a comment about 'any SRNA who graduates from VCU's...and I've heard other comments including the term SRNA which make it seem like a licensed profession as opposed to a student status.

    So enlighten me guys, what does SRNA mean and if it's in fact a different type of degree than CRNA, how do you determine which programs offer which degrees (i.e. MSN v Master of science in nurse anesthesia studies, etc. - the wording of some programs is weird)
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  3. by   MmacFN
    SRNA is simply student CRNA.

    Similar to how SN is used or GN for student RNs
  4. by   roosevelt127
    just checking. that's what I thought, but some references I've seen to SRNAs made it seem like a licensed profession unto itself, and I thought perhaps it was something like being a RN without a BSN or some other type of certificate that qualified you for licensure as a CRNA without the MS.

  5. by   In2B8
    What is the difference between an SRNA and RRNA?
  6. by   darienblythe79
    Quote from In2B8
    What is the difference between an SRNA and RRNA?
    A letter. Just the school's preference of what to call their students.
  7. by   sandman1914
    Quote from In2B8
    What is the difference between an SRNA and RRNA?
    SRNA= Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    RRNA= Resident Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    I have seen SRNA referred to students in the didactic phase and RRNA for students in the clinical portion of their program.
  8. by   In2B8
    Thanks, guys, for clearing this up for me