What is an SRNA?

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    Ok everyone, forgive me, but for as much research as I've done on programs and as much as I've been reading these forums since I joined a few days ago, I realized (and only found any information relating to the Saskathchewan registered nurses association when I try to look it up online) that it might, as I've been thinking, mean STUDENTRNA...??

    Someone made a comment about 'any SRNA who graduates from VCU's...and I've heard other comments including the term SRNA which make it seem like a licensed profession as opposed to a student status.

    So enlighten me guys, what does SRNA mean and if it's in fact a different type of degree than CRNA, how do you determine which programs offer which degrees (i.e. MSN v Master of science in nurse anesthesia studies, etc. - the wording of some programs is weird)

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    SRNA is simply student CRNA.

    Similar to how SN is used or GN for student RNs
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    just checking. that's what I thought, but some references I've seen to SRNAs made it seem like a licensed profession unto itself, and I thought perhaps it was something like being a RN without a BSN or some other type of certificate that qualified you for licensure as a CRNA without the MS.

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    What is the difference between an SRNA and RRNA?
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    Quote from In2B8
    What is the difference between an SRNA and RRNA?
    A letter. Just the school's preference of what to call their students.
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    Quote from In2B8
    What is the difference between an SRNA and RRNA?
    SRNA= Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    RRNA= Resident Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    I have seen SRNA referred to students in the didactic phase and RRNA for students in the clinical portion of their program.
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    Thanks, guys, for clearing this up for me

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