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Does anyone have any thoughts about Westmoreland-Latrobe/LaRoche College Nurse Anesthesia Program in Pennsylvania? I have researched their program and have an interview there next month. Any info... Read More

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    I am a southwestern PAer also. Latrobe and Westmoreland joined up and the system name is Excela Health. Thus the new name of the CRNA program. In addition, I believe that the program is no longer affiliated with La Roche, but now with St. Vincent/Seton Hill. It is a front-loaded program and awards a MS in Health Science. It is a 28 month program.

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    What does front-loaded program mean? Thanks
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    My sister in law is going to graduate from LaRoche's program in august, but does most of her clinicals at forbes and allegheny valley. She is already interviewing for jobs and will likely not have a problem getting one. From what she's told me, she's getting a great experience.

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