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I was put on an alternate list for VCU and accepted to Georgetown's CRNA program back in December. Yesterday, I received a call from VCU and was accepted to the Richmond campus. This is great for me, but I am from nova. I am... Read More

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    I was just in a similar situation as kdlrn. I was put on the alternate list back at the end of November and had planned on going to a program in Florida that I was accepted to at that time. I was very excited about the Florida program but then last week got the call from MG at VCU saying they were offering me a spot. It was a tough decision to make as I had mentally prepared myself for some time now to move to Florida and was excited about their program. However, VCU was too tough to turn down since it is the top CRNA school plus it allows me to not have to move very far from where I live now. I haven't gotten all the materials yet from the program but am interested in meeting everyone. Is there a facebook group created yet?

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    hey! Welcome! That's crazy that spots are still opening up for people! I guess people are deciding that they can't go, or that they are jumping ship for another school. Wild! Where are you coming from? I just moved to Richmond area from WA state last week! Going to be starting a travel job next week. There is not a facebook group that I know of, however a group of us have another thing going on if you can email me your addy I can send you instructions.

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    Thanks! I can't message on here yet since I don't have enough posts.
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    I am actually going to the Abingdon campus. I live in Bristol TN right now which is only a 20 min drive from the campus. Had I moved to Florida I was going to do travel nursing as well. Luckily MG had not called a few weeks later or I would have already moved. Its crazy how life can completely change in a few moments. I look forward to hearing from you!
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    I am getting ready to apply to both of these schools and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or tips about how to ace your interview? Also, would anyone be willing to share their GRE scores? Thank you.....
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    Wow so awesome you have such a close commute a4562!

    pedsnurse: interviews were very informal, meaning they didn't ask any clinical questions although you had to take a test before interviewing. I think I got 148/152 on my v/m gre scores, 4.5 writing but I don't think that they care about that! good luck!

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