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Hi everyone! I am finally officially applying to VCU and MSA for 2013. Was also going to apply to UT chat and SEHC but decided 2 was all I could reasonably afford to fly out to interview at. This has been such a LONG road... Read More

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    I contacted them and they said they would be making decisions this past week, I still have not received a phone call. But today I did get acceptance from UB, which is really close to where I live....tempting...

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    Thank for the update . I left when a message today but they didnt call back.

    Ub? Congrats !
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    Hi there...Were you notified officially of your acceptance to UB? I did not think they made decisions until February? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! And congrats on your acceptance.
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    Do you guys think the school is closed all week for Thanksgiving? I guess we won't find out this week either?
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    Just talked to a friend in the program and he said that they have class thru wed.
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    Hello all, Just got a call from(MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) , got accepted to the Abingdon program. so they are making calls. Good luck to everyone
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    Congrats!!!!! My heart jumped when I read your post !
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    Congratulations! That is so exciting
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    I am in !!!!

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