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I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on this website from prior years! All of the advice really helped me prepare for my interview at VCU! I start August 2013. If anyone has questions about interviewing I'd love to help :)... Read More

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    I wonder what the parking is like in Roanoke. I'm starting to look into areas to live in. We plan on moving in may/June when my lease is up. So excited!

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    Awesome ! Hope ur parking is better ! I am sure you can call and ask them about parking issues
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    Parking in Roanoke is a breeze. They have a lot and its about a min walk. Traffic won't be bad either. I loooooovvve living in Roanoke the higher education building where classes are is very nice too. Let me know if you need any help
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    Awesome!! I hate dealing with crazy traffic and parking. I did have a question. I'm not extremely familiar with the neighborhood, but I plan to live on the north side so my husband has an easier commute. Do you know any good areas to look into for a place to rent?
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    I'm going to private message you.
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    what's your weather like there in Roanoke throughout the year? We are trying to find somewhere to settle down eventually...
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    thanks!! appreciate the help
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    We have four seasons. Get some snow occasionally but not always and rarely a lot of snow. The only thing I hear people complain about if humidity and allergies. We are in a valley so allergies can be bad here. I love it bc its beautiful here. It is just busy enough to have stuff to do around town but not so busy where traffic is an issue. I think the school systems are great too.
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    Darn ...we want lots of snow...:-)
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    any of you want to share your stats? I am an alum of the VCU nursing program class of 05 and am starting to feel like i may be ready to go back to school again in 2-3 years.

    congrats to you all on your acceptance!

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