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I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on this website from prior years! All of the advice really helped me prepare for my interview at VCU! I start August 2013. If anyone has questions about... Read More

  1. by   cli632
    thanks!! appreciate the help
  2. by   1234yc
    We have four seasons. Get some snow occasionally but not always and rarely a lot of snow. The only thing I hear people complain about if humidity and allergies. We are in a valley so allergies can be bad here. I love it bc its beautiful here. It is just busy enough to have stuff to do around town but not so busy where traffic is an issue. I think the school systems are great too.
  3. by   missnurse01
    Darn ...we want lots of snow...:-)
  4. by   usancrn
    any of you want to share your stats? I am an alum of the VCU nursing program class of 05 and am starting to feel like i may be ready to go back to school again in 2-3 years.

    congrats to you all on your acceptance!
  5. by   cli632
    sure usancrn! what's your email? if you have other questions, i can try to answer them as well. you can email me at
  6. by   missnurse01
    Quote from usancrn
    any of you want to share your stats? I am an alum of the VCU nursing program class of 05 and am starting to feel like i may be ready to go back to school again in 2-3 years.

    congrats to you all on your acceptance!
    Lpn 8 years in Tele and er. 7 years rn in er/trauma and cvicu. Bsn gpa 3.7. Ccrn. Pals . Tncc but don't think that matters lol. Both unit based committees and hospital system wide participation. Just took extra sciences-gen chem , ochem , and physics. Emt-I done after rn in prep for flight nursing. Precept students and new grads. Charge , rrt , and code blue response. That might be it...can't remember now.

    Good luck !
  7. by   VCUgasman2015
    I have been accepted to the VCU-Abingdon campus to begin August 2013. Congrats to all that have been accepted! I am also looking into paying for school (I.e. loans, contracts with anesthesia practices, possibly selling one kidney & a lung on the black market, etc.).
  8. by   missnurse01
    Vcu Tasman I see we have Been thinking of the same strategies to pay for school, donate plasma, ova, husbands sperm....

    My son has a cute butt , how do I get him to be an underwear model ??

    Looking at withdrawing on retirement...
  9. by   1234yc
    Does anyone know how much the grad plus loans are? I know you can get 20,500 a year and that will cover tuition including summer semesters. We are going to need some $$ for living expenses too. Also, does anyone know anything about if they offer a healthcare plan? We are going to need to purchase private health insurance once I quit my job.
  10. by   missnurse01
    I hear that they do offer some limited healthcare, I do not know if it covers family at all. I figure once we are poor the kids can go on state insurance...

    as for grad plus, you can get up to what the school certifies for, minus what you already received. When I called and asked about a year ago what they certify to, they gave me the in state residency info, and it ended up being maybe 500 bucks a month left over after tuition is paid. If they do not certify enough, then you will have to get private loans, which are more difficult to get nowadays.

    my coworker who is in the program now ended up not doing grad plus but got the health care loan through wells fargo. However it was also certified which means that if you got what they certified for thru fed loans, then you can't get that loan.

    I am going to try to find private loans, ask my MIL to cosign, apply for airforce reserve, withdraw on retirement...and work every break we get.

    I know they just got 3 weeks off for the holidays!

    also working crazy right now too...
  11. by   keatonhoyle
    Hey everyone!

    My name is Keaton Hoyle and I am going to be in your class as well!! I grew up in Richmond and went to VCU for Nursing...let me know if you guys have questions...which I am sure are plenty.

    A couple things - the best place to park for school is the 8th St. Deck. You can get a parking pass for something like $150 per semester, or pay 3.50 per day and its about a 5 -7 minute walk to class, and even a little shorter to the hospital. When we do clinicals at the local hospitals not named VCU - Henrico doctors' (where i work now), chippenham, johnston willis, etc... parking will be free and easy as those are all in the suburbs.

    A little background on places to live - In the downtown area it's divided up into basically three major areas, The Fan, the Bottom, and Church Hill. Well, and Oregon Hill. You can also go a little farther west to the Museum district and the near west end.

    The Fan - The Fan is west of the hospital and it's mostly really charming row houses that are built 1875-1950's. They are older, larger, and moderately priced. Best bet in the Fan is to shack up with a roomate or two because these houses are mostly 3-4 bedroom, but there are smaller ones. You're just going to have to pay for it

    The Bottom - The bottom is near where all the bars are and a lot of restaurants and everything. Mostly here it's apartments and you'll pay more per square foot but the places are smaller than the Fan. A lot of it is old factories that they've converted into apartments. You may hear people talking about safety, but other than the occasional car being broke into (which still is rare anymore) it's not a bad place to live at all.

    Church hill - Church Hill is going to be your cheapest downtown option, and includes really old row houses that are more wooden style 1900's whereas the fan is more brick and masonry. Church Hill became the ghetto for quite sometime but is now coming back pretty strong with VCU / MCV students and a lot of people renovating. As long as you stay south of say...clay st and no farther west than Chimborazo park. If you have kids I would not recommend this area.

    Oregon hill - Oregon hill is south of the financial district (kind of in between the medical center and the fan). It is in the middle of a major renovation - lots of people renovating very old early 1900's housing. If you can find a recently renovated house for rent this is an awesome spot to's near the river, a couple blocks from the recently built VCU gym (which is awesome!) on cary st, near class (you can ride your bike to class in 5-10 mins), and you can get a great deal on rent. I definitely recommend Oregon hill IF you can find a nice place. It's hit or miss.

    so those are the closest places to live near school.

    If you want to live in a more suburbial and cheaper area and willing to make the commute, I would recommend not going south (where i grew up ) because of toll roads and its VERY ghetto just south of the city.. I would recommend near west end, forest hill park/westover hills, lakeside/staples mill, anywhere in the west end, or mechanicsville. I don't know much about mechanicsville because I never go up that way, I've always lived in the southside or west end.

    Anyway I hope you guys find this helpful and I can't wait meet everyone!
  12. by   missnurse01
    Hey keaton you found us! !! I am oh to dream on the other board.

    We are looking at north chesterfield and commuting in on surface streets . They seem to have more house s avail, we were originally looking at mechanicsville but not a lot avail.

    Hoping to either bus or get dropped off....
  13. by   Msnurse29
    Hello cli632, congratulations to you and all other students who were able to get into VCU 2013 CRNA program. I am also trying to get into the same program for next year. Can you all please provide little more information about how you all prepared for your GRE and also your interview experience? Did your boss create trouble giving recommendation letter? Did you have to do CCRN? Any information will be helpful to reach my goal. Thanks in advance.