UTHSC Houston interview advice?

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    HI everyone!

    Just got an interview letter from UTHSC Houston and I'm excited, nervous, grateful, relieved, and terrified all rolled into one. This will be my first grad school interview --ever.

    Does anybody have any words of wisdom from past interview experience at UTHSCH? I know breathing always helps, as does not vomiting on the admit committee.


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    did u get any feedback from anyone other than this forum? I also have an interview at UTHSC on the 22nd of this month. my first grad school interview. Why do u want to be a CRNA and how are u going to finance your education
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    Get there early. They have a couple of students there you can ask questions. There is a panel of about 10 CRNA's that ask you questions. Actually only about 3 or 4 asked questions and the rest just wrote down stuff. They ask a lot of why you want to come to Houston etc etc. Not a whole lot of clinical questions. Show some enthusiasm. I didn't get accepted and when I asked what I could've done better- he said show more enthusiasm. So in between breathing, not sweating through your shirt or blouse ( IDK if you're male or female), and not vomiting on the faculty- put on a happy, cheerleader face.
    Best of luck to you.
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    Yes, don't forget the happy face. One school I interviewed at everyone seemed high on estrogen with their glued on smiles I thought I was auditioning to be a stepford wife.
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    Thanks for the advice. much appreciated
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    If you are only planning for Houston then UT Houston all the way. Word of advice ask the students away from faculty how they like the program. Also speak to recent alumni. You will discover many many hidden secrets. Good Luck
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    I ended up not getting accepted to UT houston, but I DID get accepted at BAYLOR!!!! who would have thought? I assumed I'd have had a better change at UT. Oh well :spin:

    Baylor was really my first choice, but I had kind of talked myself out of it because I figured I really didn't have a chance of getting in there. I mean, I would have been happy at UT and made the best of it because in the end your a CRNA and that's the whole point, not where you graduated from. I know all schools have good/bad/ugly sides, and different students have differing views of the programs they are in. I'm excited because Baylor isn't a nursing school, so no touchy feely stuff. I had enough of that in BSN. Touchy feely is important to a degree, but I want the hard science of anesthesia. I'm excited my time in school will focus on that.

    Sooo, when I'm eyeballs deep in studying y'all remind me how happy I am to be in school again. HA! :typing:
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    congrats on getting into Baylor. I applied there also but didn't get in. Both UT and Baylor had lots of applicants. I'm glad I got in somewhere to be honest with you. I wonder if I met u waiting for my UT interview. I met a girl that works at methodist, a girl from austin or dallas and a guy from Utah I think. I interviewed on the 22nd of January. Anyways, congratulations. Baylor is a great program. Best of luck to you.
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    I might have met you. My interview was at 9:30. I came back to the room and had some fruit and I think there was a guy from Utah there talking with the students? I was the girl with the suit on HA! that reeeeally narrows it down. . .

    What day did you interview at Baylor? I was there on Feb. 2. I've probably read where you're going but I don't remember. sorry. Sooo where did you get in? Yeah, honestly, I'm just happy to be in school at all. In the end nobody really cares where you went to school. It's all about learning as much as you can and gettint the most from your education and that is up to the individual students I think. The program gives you opportunity, but it's more important what you do with it as a person, in my opinion.

    Good luck to you too! I'll be posting many many MANY questions when school starts I'm sure!
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    Hey guys, I am new at this allnurses forum but it seems to be very helpful..
    does any one have any advice for the HESI A2 test? what are the science questions like? when i took TEAS they had mainly Biology.
    I heard HESI has clinical/application questions too... is that true?

    also those who are already enrolled in UTHSC, how is the program? I heard they are very disorganized.

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