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HI everyone! Just got an interview letter from UTHSC Houston and I'm excited, nervous, grateful, relieved, and terrified all rolled into one. This will be my first grad school interview --ever. Does anybody have any... Read More

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    Hi. I think you might be wanting info on BSN undergraduate stuff? I don't recall HESI being a part of CRNA application. Also, not sure if you want UTHSC Houston or UTHSC San Antonio info. I went to UTHSCSA for my BSN but that was before they started the HESI stuff. They were just 'trying it out' then, we took while in the program and it had no bearing on our grades. Sorry not much help, but try posting in a different area and I bet you'll get lots of responses. Good luck in nursing school!

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    Quote from My_brain_hurts
    I ended up not getting accepted to UT houston, but I DID get accepted at BAYLOR!!!! who would have thought? I assumed I'd have had a better change at UT. Oh well :spin:

    Baylor was really my first choice, but I had kind of talked myself out of it because I figured I really didn't have a chance of getting in there. I mean, I would have been happy at UT and made the best of it because in the end your a CRNA and that's the whole point, not where you graduated from. I know all schools have good/bad/ugly sides, and different students have differing views of the programs they are in. I'm excited because Baylor isn't a nursing school, so no touchy feely stuff. I had enough of that in BSN. Touchy feely is important to a degree, but I want the hard science of anesthesia. I'm excited my time in school will focus on that.

    Sooo, when I'm eyeballs deep in studying y'all remind me how happy I am to be in school again. HA! :typing:
    So....I'm in the process of applying now and Baylor is my first choice because of the DNP program. How do you like it so far? I'm really nervous about the competition..what were your stats and how was your interview?
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    does anyone remember how the questions were like or about how many questions they asked at ut hsc?
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    does anyone remember what kinds of questions they ask on the interview for both ut hsc and baylor?

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