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Hi! Just curious was anyone offered an interview yet? I just submitted my application and am so nervous/excited!... Read More

  1. by   apocalypsenow
    have you heard from USF at all? I interviewed last week as well, have not heard from them. I know its only been a week, but the wait is killing me
  2. by   usfnurse1204
    Still haven't heard anything! They did say we should know by the end of the month but the more time that goes by the more discouraging it gets! Keep me updated! How do you feel like your interview went?
  3. by   apocalypsenow
    It's laid-back but kind of tricky, i honestly do not know what answers they wanted to hear.. I hope they're happy with my answers.. Ill let you know when I hear from them.
  4. by   NoleLegacy
    I'm in and very excited as well!
  5. by   apocalypsenow
    hello NoleLegacy. when did you interview?
  6. by   NoleLegacy
    I interviewed in early November, received an unofficial acceptance call about 2 weeks after. The official letter from Graduate Admissions took over a month to get. Good luck!
  7. by   apocalypsenow
    thanks for letting me know. I hope I get a call from them this week.
  8. by   apocalypsenow
    hello usfnurse1204, have you heard anything? I still have not heard. almost 2 weeks now from date of interview.

    just trying to see if we are both having the same wait time.

  9. by   usfnurse1204
    Nope! Still haven't heard anything... trying to be patient
  10. by   apocalypsenow
    I got a question for you guys, if anyone can answer. So currently, I am on the waitlist for this cohort. what are the chances, in your experience, that somebody will back out of the program?

  11. by   usfnurse1204
    I was waitlisted Friday and was accepted Monday! I've been told that most of last year's wait list group ended up getting accepted so just hang in there!
  12. by   apocalypsenow
    congrats for getting a spot!!

    hopefully I will know asap. thanks for responding
  13. by   apocalypsenow
    Hello guys,

    Not sure if anyone has experience on this. I am currently on the waitlist for this year (2017), and I want to find out what is the likelihood that I will be offered admission eventually. I know there is really no concrete answer to this question, but if anyone has any any feedback, I will appreciate it.