USC(south carolina) CRNA 2019 cohort - page 3

Has anyone else applied for the spring 2019 term CRNA program at USC Columbia/Greenville? Would love to hear from anyone who has interviewed their in the past as well?!?! What were your stats?... Read More

  1. by   CCUnurse18
    You heard something today? A couple of my coworkers are waiting to hear, so that's why I ask. Look forward to meeting everyone!
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  2. by   tnann866
    I guess they are just sending them as they go through each application. Not sure? Maybe as they received them or alphabetical?
  3. by   nursed22
    I received an interview invite for the first week in June!
  4. by   RNRN23
    Hi there! congrats to everyone on getting interviews. What is the difference between the Greenville campus and Columbia campus (besides location) Also, (upon admission) do we get to pick or is the location selected for us? Thanks!!
  5. by   MICURN32
    From my understanding you give your preference for which campus you want to go to. There should be no difference in the actual education. They live stream the lectures so that everyone gets the same information. The location really just depends on what will work better for your life.
  6. by   CCUnurse18
    Anyone else have an interview May 31st? Just curious.. as for the above question you will be asked which location would be your first choice. But I think it also comes down to how well they feel the class as a whole will get along. Especially for the greenville class as it is so much smaller being made up of about only 10 students