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Interviews wrapped up yesterday. How'd everyone feel that they went? Seemed pretty laid back to me. Though, I felt like they may have mostly made up their minds prior to the interview :-\ Anyone's... Read More

  1. by   vladele
    hey i just joined and its not letting me send a pm, (weird), but i interviewed jan 9 afternoon group, i also got into gtown but umd is my first choice since im instate although i am closer to gtown...tough decisions to make
  2. by   Suen
    Hello, I interviewed at Gtown and loved the program. The students i met were very happy with the school too. Maryland has a great program but the drive might be an issue due to traffic unpredictability. My friend went to UMB, commuted for a semester but then had to move closer to campus. Tough--------, pick what is going to make your life as a student simpler.
  3. by   Goldenatom
    Reeeejected! Oh well, I'm a few months short of two years nursing experience...I sort of expected this. I'll just try again next year! Good luck to you all :-)
  4. by   njinga413
    Sorry to hear that Goldenatom- theres always a way where theres a will. Goodluck on your future pursuit. Did you get a letter or did your status change?
  5. by   Goldenatom
    Status updated this morning.
  6. by   vladele
    i am enrolled in the patho class @ shady grove, i got the official letter today from umd, we have to reply within 2 weeks...i wish umd was like gtown and gave us until april 15, lol!!
  7. by   vladele
    did u interview at umd as well, i will be commuting from hyattsville, md; i am closer to gtown but the travel time would be about the same since I would also have to catch the shuttle from dupont circle which takes an additional 20-30min
  8. by   vladele
    and thanks for the advice
  9. by   Juanito
    What does it mean if my status still has not updated?
  10. by   vladele
    im not sure, maybe u should call sheena jackson, 410-706-1995; shes pretty nice about answering questions. good luck and hope to see you in the fall!! did u apply to gtown as well?
  11. by   Juanito
    No, not Gtown. I am pretty mobile. Considering Barry University for spring. Let's see how that one turns out. Yes, Sheena has been a jewel. I'll get in touch with her.
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  12. by   Juanito
    Thanks Vladele. Hope to see you too and good luck!
  13. by   WtbCRNA423
    I know this is an old thread, but I would love an update on those of you who were accepted into the program!