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University of buffalo CRNA program

  1. 0 I'm interested in knowing more about UB CRNA program. Planning to apply for DNAP. Is it very competitive to get in? Do they provide dorm or the students live in apartments? Do they have so many drop outs? Overall is it a good college for CRNA? Any info will be helpful.
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    As far as competition, I think that as long as you have a good GPA, CCRN etc you may get an interview. How you do in the interview will be the determining factor of getting accepted. I know the tuition is crazy (90K in-state and 136K out of state) for the program. Once accepted, you can live in graduate housing (~1100/month in North campus) or you can find somewhere cheaper. North campus is safer than south campus and you pay for what you get. They lose about 1 student per class not due to failing but rather the student finding that becoming a CRNA was not for them. Getting in is the hardest part of the program.

    UB is good in that they are not out to get you or make you fail. They will work with you to make sure you pass. You will learn a lot from your clinical sites and majority of the places are good. With that said, it is a self-taught program and that can be frustration especially since you are paying a high tuition. PM me if you have any more questions.
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    What do you mean by self taught? Secondly what kind of clinical experience are you receiving (ex. hands-on open hearts, regionals and lines) ?

    Thanks any information appreciated
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    Did you ever find out about the self taught question? I am accepted to a few programs, leaning towards UB, and am eager to find out all I can about places.
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    Self taught is that you will definately need to study outside of class to get the information because not all material is covered in class for boards.
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    how was the interview process for the program?