Union University Anesthesia Program

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    Does anyone know anything about the anesthesia program at Union University? They extended their application deadline for the DNP program until March 1, 2013. Thanks!
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    It's pretty good from my understanding. They have small classes. I'm biased because I start school there in August.
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    I just have sent my application form and nursingcas today. How long does it take for me to know whether I'm getting an interview?
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    It was 2 weeks after the deadline last time.
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    Quote from gobluern
    It was 2 weeks after the deadline last time.
    Thank you.


    Do you mind if I ask for your stats (e.g. gre, gpa, etc).

    Are you local or moving to Jackson?

    I am excited/ nervous whether I get the chance to be interviewed.
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    My gpa wasn't very impressive, 3.5 maybe. Ill be moving from out of state. My gre was 950 I think but they don't look at it. I've been a nurse for 7 years. 2.5 ICU an 4.5 in the OR w some pacu sprinkled in.

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