UB CRNA school roll call for Fall 2010!!!

  1. Trying to see who is going to attend UB with me next fall!!
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  3. by   terebear
    Congratulations on your acceptance! May I please ask what your GPA was because I am thinking about applying. Thanks.
  4. by   natbug
    my GPA was, I think, 3.75. I know it was no lower, but possibly a bit higher. Are you thinking about Universty at Buffalo?
  5. by   junglern
    Thank you so much for your helpful response and tips!

    I am still thinking if i am going all the way up to Buffalo or not.

    I don't know how many students they take, plus I already saw some of you accepted, i guess the last interview small window to be chosen.

    I am not discouraged but kind of realistic, I am still wondering how this interview experience feels like.
    Did the EKGs and rest of questions weird difficult or just easy rithyms i mean obvious,

    I need to boost some confidence,

    Thank you so much for your exceptional support ways.
  6. by   natbug
    The EKGs were really easy! One was Normal sinus rhythm and they asked me if I was sure. I told them yes and they said I was the first to get it right! They said other applicants were thinking too hard. Just relax and be honest if you do not know something tell them you wil look it up if you don't know it. I told them I was going to look something up, that i did not know and he said "let me know what you come up with". I looked the topic up and e-mailed the answer to him right away. I had trouble with the ABGs and still got accepted. Make sure you write a thank you note as well. Good luck!
  7. by   rave21
    thanks natbug for the input about the questions asked..I have my interview on the 11/17/10..im nervous.. Is it a panal interview? How long is the interview? How's 1st semester?