U of M flint CRNA interview,Need heads up

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    I am scheduled for an interview for U of M flint, Michigan. Does anyone have any information of the content of the interview. I have worked in SICU for 3 years, CCU for 3 years. Would brushing up on vasoactive drugs and their affects to pre-load,afterload etc. be helpful. I have not worked in Post open heart, but have a good working knowlege of SG catheters and normal values. Is this important? This is the first time I have applied and my first interview, would like an idea of what to expect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    When is your interview, what other schools did you apply to if any?
    I will be applying to U of M flint as well so if you could please let me know what kind of questions your asked. Best of luck!
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    Thank you and I will gladly pass on any info. I have only applied at U of M so far. I took A&P again and had to take Stats, did not finish up until December. I plan to apply for Wayne, Oakland and reapply to U of M for Fall of 2008, if I have to. Of course, would prefer not to HAVE to do that.
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    I had my interview at University of Michigan Flint this week. When I arrived they had me take a multiple choice test approx 30- 40 questions. Some questions were Which drug to use or not use in certain situation, 5 ABG interpretations, normal values of cvp, pa, pawp, ra and waveforms that correlate ( the values were fill in the blank). 2 short answer questions involving increased icp and tx; and a short essay about what 3 main issues students face and what had I done to prepare for them. After this I had a panel interview, asking the typical Why CRNA, why U of M, what are my plans if I dont get in, my strengths and weaknesses. There was also time in OR where you sit in on a case for 20-30 minutes and a CRNA asks you some questions and evaluate your responses. They write them down and tell their impression on a scale of 1-10 if they think you should be invited to be a student. I felt pretty relaxed. It was nowhere near as nerve racking as I thought. From what I have heard students usually find out in about 7 to 10 by phone call from the program directer if they have been accepted. I learned you must send in $1000 with letter of acceptance to hold your position. I also learned they usually admit 16-19 students depending on the current pool of applicants.
    Now the nerve racking wait period begins. God bless to all and let me know if you have questions.
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    Good luck to all of you. Please keep us posted.