Tuition Assistance while in CRNA school

  1. Hi,

    I am starting CRNA school in a few months and I am wondering if there are any medical facilities or hospitals willing to provide tuition assistance will I am in school in exchange for a committment to work upon graduation. Does anyone have any information that they have come across? I am already in more than enough student debt and I really need a break! Thanks.
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  3. by   Class2011
    I suspect opportunities are highly specific to location. I just started cold calling hospitals and groups in my area to inquire. Through networks, you may find outstanding offers as well.

    But unless some offer is significantly better than all the rest or you know for sure where you want to work or ... you might be better off holding out until you have a little experience and can better evaluate offers.
  4. by   Jdog19s
    Are you anywhere near or willing to move to the Northeast?
  5. by   jenrn2008
    Yes I am ! Infact, we are planning to move to the DC, MD, PA area when I graduate... do you have any leads?
  6. by   Jdog19s
    Ive got nothing that far south- I have spoken to a group in massachusetts who said they would pay our entire tuition if we sign on with them for 2 if you end up closer to this end ill try to track down their name-
  7. by   yvonneren
    do you mind sharing which group is that? I'm too looking for a sponser and don't mind 2 yrs contract, hate to have unsecured feeling in school...
  8. by   Jdog19s
    I am unsure if they only offer that deal to the students that are local or not, so no guarentees from me that they can help you out- But theres the website if you want to check them out-
  9. by   yvonneren
    thanks so much for your infor, I will check it out..
  10. by   canchaser
    There are 2 hospitals in Springfield Ill, offering$30000. One hospital wants five years in return, the other wants 6. 2 years is not bad
  11. by   Class2011
    30,000 for a 5 yr commitment sounds awful and not nearly worth signing on before you even know kind of job you are going to want.

    I'm not against sign-on agreements, but make sure it is worth the freedom you are sacrificing