Trying to get into CRNA School in the Boston area

  1. Hi there;This is actually the first time I post anything online, but I have found the information in this forums quite useful so here goes my question: I currently live in Boston and I am limited to this area for the CRNA schools that I can apply to so giving the following I was wondering what my chances would be for getting into the two CRNA schools in Boston: BC and NEU as well as one schoo in Rhode Island since I already applied to these programs. So I have a AS from a community college with comulative GPA of 3.5, a BS in Biotechology from NEU with a comulative GPA of 3.5, and a BSN from an accelerated program at a small price school with a comulative GPA of 3.5, I have worked at Harvard for about 5 years doing research with a paper in which I will be published (although not as a first author). I have also worked at MGH in their surgical ICU for over one year (total nursing experience about 2 years). Two very strong letters of recomendation one from a tenure professor at Harvard and one from my previous school, one letter of recomendation that is OK but not as outstanding as my other two. My GRE is an old one about 980 combined score. I am not a CCRN yet but I am planning on becoming one before interviews come up. (if they do) so given all this info. What do you guys think are my chances of gettin into CRNA school? Any input will be greatly appreciated. TX
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  3. by   jenny1017
    I recently applied to both NEU as well as BC. Sounds to me like you have a strong background. I know for NEU they require a minimum of a year experience in any ICU setting before applications are due, which it looks like you have. Your letters of recommendations also seem great, although you did not mention where your third letter is from, I know they both recommend getting one from one of your supervisors. I also had to get my PALS for BC, make sure you have all of your certifications!
    I have an interview at BC coming up! Good luck to you!
  4. by   dsundina
    Did you guys get in ? Please let me know
  5. by   limaRN
    I applied and was accepted at NEU. My stats are: gpa 3.92, new gre score 151 quantitative, 160 verbal. 3 letters recommendation; 1 from ICU supervisor, 1 from RN coworker, 1 from intensivist PA. Almost 3 yrs ICU experience in CVICU with open heart experience. This ICU is combined so we also get MICU and SICU pts as well as neuro. I started in the ICU right after school so no other RN experience. CCRN certified after 1 yr working in ICU. PM me if you have any specific questions about the application process or interview. The interview was pretty tough with clinical questions. As far as your stats it sounds like you have good experience and excellent recommendations. Have you taken any extra science classes? I did an extra biochem class prior to applying. Also I know they like to see gre scores of at least 1000
  6. by   photon
    Hi limaRn,

    I would love to be able to PM you but I have not posted 15 times. Can you PM me your email address?
    Thank you!
  7. by   AdelleFortunato
    Hi! I am considering going to CRNA school in Boston as well. But it's kind of a long ways from now. I'm still working in Medsurg at a hospital in Las Vegas and my new grad contract expires in 2 years. That means, I can only get to ICU after then. As early as now, I want to explore my options and see how I can prepare for when the time comes that I am ready to start applying. Any advice on what I can start doing while working towards getting my ICU experience? Can I start taking classes to refresh/lessen load once I enter CRNA program? Should I start getting my GRE? Any thoughts? Thanks!