Thoughts on Different CRNA programs: UPenn Vs. Georgetown Vs. VCU

  1. I'm hope somone can share their opinions and insight into some questions I have regarding different programs. I have recently been accepted into UPenn's CRNA program for 2010. I also am going to interview at Georgetown and VCU. My question is how important are the rankings of programs? How are programs ranked? How do these schools stack up against each other? Does anyone have any first hand experience regarding these schools. I am perfectly happy going to UPenn but if I were to get into both Georgetown and VCU I need further info to make a decision. I know VCU is # 1 but when push comes to shove is it that much better of a program than UPenn (ranked 26). Thanks for your response!
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  3. by   CRNA2007
    My partner is a graduate of Georgetown. He said schooling there was brutal. But, he is one of the best CRNAs I have ever seen. If he is indicative of the quality of CRNAs that Georgetown produces I would'nt hesitate to take a slot in the program if it was offered.
  4. by   JJRBuckeyeRN
    I am currently in my first year at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. I absolutely love it. The faculty is amazing, the facilities are also amazing, and the clinical experience is second to none. It is such a supportive environment.

    I got an interview at Georgetown last year and turned it down because I heard some negative things about the program from people in the program.

    Don't worry about the rankings. Go where you feel the best fit. If you like where you are you will end up a lot happier!
  5. by   Spode
    ranking has nothing to do with the quality of the program. VCU has probably changed this by now but when I went there, all you needed to do to get an A in medicinal chemistry was memorize the old tests. Also, some years after I was there, some students stole exams from a professor and were not disciplined. The director did not even the know the name of the best student in my class even when we were very close to graduation. My experience was mostly good but overall, I would have gone elsewhere had I known things I know now that I did not know then..........I would go for the army, navy, option. Good Luck