Are there any average pre CRNA students? - page 3

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Hello guys, I have been browsing through CRNA forum for a while now and I would like to ask couple of questions. Are there any "average" people who were admitted to CRNA school. According ti what I read everyone has 4.0 gpa,... Read More

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    I am studying for my GRE right now. Planning to take Patho and Pharm in Spring/Summer. My biggest problem is to get recommendation letters. I just started in ICU and I feel bad asking for the letter. My manager nor doctors know me very well at this time. I do not want to wait for another year! Someone told me, "Apply now and if you will get in it will be at least 2 years from now." So, I do not know what to do. I am from PA and have couple schools in mind. Villanova, UoPit, Excela, Bloom etc.
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    did you publish anymore articles? your post gave me some great ideas