The road to becoming a CRNA

  1. Hey all,
    So I have browsed allnurses for quite some time, but never made the decision to join until recently. I have some questions regarding the path to becoming a CRNA. Perhaps I am looking for a bit of guidance from people who have already completed this career movement.

    A little bit about me: I am 24, and I really never thought I would become a nurse. Hell, come to think of it I never thought I would graduate high school. Anyways, I began my schooling in a community college geared toward an AS degree. It wasn't until my last year of AS that I started to develop a love for biology. One of my bio instructors mentioned that I would be a good nurse. So, I started taking classes to fulfill pre-reqs and the rest is history. I completed my AS with a 4.0, then my ADN with a 3.9. I am employed on a cardiac telemetry unit at a community-style hospital. I have been on this unit for almost a year now, and it has given me the opportunity to become ACLS and telemetry certified. I am currently enrolled in my online RN-BSN, and will be finished next year (thanks to all those nonsense classes I took during my first AS degree). The unit that I am on is closely linked to our MICU. We are the only unit allowed to float to the ICU, and most of us eventually get cross-trained. I have seriously been considering the road to CRNA. My goal is to transfer up to the ICU by the fall of this year. I plan to keep hitting my studies hard for my undergrad, and obtain my CCRN when I am eligible. I have always been somewhat of an above average student. However, I do need to brush up on my interviewing skills, seeing as I tend to be more of the introvert type. When I finish with my undergrad, I plan to use the time to absorb as much ICU experience I can get. I also plan on taking some of the chem and bio courses that may be required prior to the application process.

    So, there you have my life story and my current goals. I suppose I haven't really spoken to many people yet, and I currently lack the guidance/support. Does this sound like a feasible plan? Any recommendations or things I should keep an eye out for?
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  3. by   ckh23
    Yes this sounds. I would suggest shadowing a CRNA a few times to see if it is something you truly want to do. CRNA school is no joke and you will invest a lot of time, money, and effort doing this. You wouldn't want to get to that point to realize it is not for you.
  4. by   MGoldRN
    Appreciate the response. A few years ago I had an experience shadowing a CRNA during a clinical rotation to the OR. Instead of following the circulating nurse, I chose to follow the CRNA. The type of responsibilities and actions of his job intrigued me. I definitely take heed in what you stated about picking a specialty that best fits your personality.

    Thanks for the tip
  5. by   missnurse01
    sounds great!
    good luck
  6. by   MGoldRN
    Thank you, I'm sure a little luck and a lot of optimism go a long way
  7. by   ckh23
    I would also recommend to start preparing financially. You have the benefit of time right now so use it wisely. Save your money, pay off all the loans you can. School is going to be between 2.5-3 years and it is highly doubtful you will be able to work during it. Also check out the credit transfer policies are at the schools you are interested in before you start taking a bunch of different classes because some programs only let you transfer in a certain amount. Good luck.