The humbling rejection letter.... what to do about it. The humbling rejection letter.... what to do about it. - pg.2 | allnurses

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The humbling rejection letter.... what to do about it. - page 2

As I sat on the couch reading a rejection letter last week I took a moment to reflect on how a small peice of white paper can have the power to completely shatter my ego, confidence, and even has the... Read More

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    Don't give up, ask the program why you weren't an attractive candidate. I got in the first school I interviewed at that I didnt' really care going to. My second interview at the school I really was dying to go to for years rejected me completely and I cried for 2 days. Rejection is so hard, but at the end of the day I will be a CRNA in 2.5 years and where I went to school wont matter. I'm actually going to a higher rated program and cheaper so I don't know why I got my heart broken over it?
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    Thank you to everyone here who responded. You all offered some great advice. I've reached out to programs and department heads who have been very helpful. I've been focusing on turning my weaknesses into strengths for this application cycle. Here's to hoping this year yields a coveted acceptance letter!